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Increase sales and profit by using Handhelds with Future POS system

Advancements in handheld technology are changing the way that the hospitality industry operates.  The days of wait staff taking customer orders with a pen and notepad may be coming to an end as restaurateurs are beginning to take advantage of portable devices in their business operations.

Here are top reasons to use handhelds with your restaurant Future POS system:

Efficiency  Servers can stay on the floor without having to enter orders at a POS terminal. This saves them time and makes the entire ordering process more efficient.

Verification  Orders can be verified right in front of your guests, allowing time for changes to be made and eliminating the likelihood of errors.

Security   With Credit at Table Service, customers can swipe their credit cards right from their table. This ensures tighter security, and provides peace of mind to your customers.

Information Access   Reports and other important information can be viewed right from the handheld device. This simplifies managerial decision making, and allows you to oversee your business from other locations.

Cost Savings  Not only has the cost of handhelds decreased, but ordering via portable devices results in fewer errors and less wasted inventory. Servers can also cover more tables, which can ultimately lead to lower labor costs. 

Higher Sales  By using handhelds with your restaurant POS system, your staff can dedicate more time to actually selling your menu items and less time to taking orders. Customers may also be more apt to order additional food and drinks, since they don't have to wait as long for servers to travel back and forth between POS terminals.

Tableside Printing  By incorporating a wireless printer, your handhelds allow you to print checks, coupons, frequent diner information, and other marketing promotions right at the table. This is a major convenience factor, and it redirects your business focus from the POS terminal to the customer.   

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