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Boost your Sales with Future POS Digital Signage

Envision a 50" flat screen TV behind your bar. On the TV, a video is playing of a new beer being slowly poured into a tall, icy beer mug.  Maybe this beer is new to your menu, or maybe it is one of your most profitable sellers. Either way, you decide to show this video during optimal business hours, when your customer's intent to purchase is at its prime.

All of sudden, without any advertising dollars spent, sales for that beer are up 16 %.   

Sounds too good to be true? Think again.  Digital signage has been shown to increase profits, drive customer satisfaction, and enhance pricing flexibility.

Future POS fully integrated Digital Signage allows restaurants and bars to display advertisements, specials, videos, and more, all free of charge!  Your customized content playlist can be scheduled to run monthly, weekly, or even daily. 

Whether your goal is to promote a new menu item or to grow sales revenue from a weekly special, digital signage provides you with a state of the art, customizable solution.

For restaurant with frequent menu changes, Future POS digital menuboards provides the perfect solution with "live" menu updates for your convenience, with all prices updated automatically right from your POS system.

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