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Future POS KDS is fully integrated and displays food orders for preparation and monitors the timing of orders.  It provides real-time order information to manage and control kitchen efficiency, and order accuracy. Monitor display can be mounted, with various mount options, conveniently in your kitchen or food prep area.  


- Jobs displays on virtual chits easing the transition to new technology

- Expo screen shows the status of each item on an order, through to completion

- Automatic printing of chit to send out with food on job completion or final bump

- Fast set-up and ongoing configurations

- Can drive two displays per controller, mirrored or two unique stations

- Ability to scale wide to take full advantage of wide screen displays

- Full graphical display maximizes screen area and clarity

- User controllable fonts, sizes, and colors by display

- User controllable ticket headers by display

- User controllable job flows between displays

- Item timing so that pending items are dimmed / do not display until ready to be cooked

- Automatic coursing of orders with start times computed against ideal completion times for each course

- Display 3 to 10 columns of tickets per display

- Programmable delays for indicating an item is beyond its ideal timing for cooking or completion

- Ability to sort tickets based on multiple criteria

- Wrap around columns or single ticket per column

- Space between items to ease readability

- Recall support for last 10 bumps

- Auto bump for unattended stations

- User definable Bump Pads

- Historical retention of data for reporting

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