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Digital signage is a fully integrated feature of Future POS.  By using  digital menu boards or scoreboards, restaurants can deliver targeted information, advertising and other messages to their customers.

Content can be anything, including text, images, animations, and video, all of which can be updated as and when needed, either manually, or based on a scheduling system.

Scheduled menu changes are automatic, allowing menu boards to flip to breakfast menus, dinner menus and more. You can also advertise a special promotion with the price fed from the POS. Orders can also be rung up on the screen in a form of a scoreboard, allowing customers to clearly see what they have ordered in comparison to more traditional customer displays.

Studies have shown digital signage to be highly effective in helping customers to recall and retain displayed information, allowing it to be used for many different purposes:

1. Advertising – using the audience reach of the screens for general advertising or new products, special offers.

2. Influencing customer behavior – directing customers to different areas of the menu and up-selling additional items.

3. Enhancing customer experience – reducing the perceived wait time and creating demand for certain products.

4. Enhancing the offering – with interactive screens or to build the brand identity. Also videos and displays can be displayed to give the image of the end product to ensure continuity of the appearance of the delivered product.

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